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Custom Data Design

Our cloud based data application is customized to your organisations needs. Categorize your documents by divisions, location, project, dates and more metrics and use powerful search criteria to pinpoint your needle in a haystack documents.

Typically we reduce the number of boxes to be recalled in a discovery event by 10 times and consequently reduce expensive legal bills.

Our system features:

  • Entering documents to the database with flexible categorisation and strict parameters.

  • Barcode tracking of box delivery from your offices to our facility and into storage. Also track recalled boxes by the team member and location. 

  • Customisable search and reporting of documents by Divsion, Project, date ranges and sentencing events. 

  • Schedule destruction and review dates.

  • Fast access via web, intranet or mobile interface.

  • Barcode identification - no need to open a box in your office to find out what's inside just use our mobile app to scan the barcode.



Our cloud-based web applications suite is used to customize your data requirements and provide for easy search and discover as well as tracking and maintenance capabilities. We can save your organisation thousands of dollars by maintaing a database of your records kept in storage. 

Data and email discovery and forensics

Corporate Cataloguing Consults on ways to reduce the burden of email archiving and discovery and can provide personel to help implement an email archiving program within your organisation.

Document Scanning

Why Scan Documents?

A typical archive box will cost Aprroximately $300 to scan vs about $35 to keep in storage for 7 years. However megabytes of storage are cheaper than paper and digital storage provides faster, more accurate and efficient retrieval. 


We reccomend our clients digitise only their most important, legal, custody and reporting documents, while commiting other documents to physical storage, where retrieval is less likely to occur on a regular basis. 


Our efficient local scanning studio can digitize documents and upload to your existing document management system or include them in our cloud archive. 

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