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​​​Empty your "too hard basket"
  • Identify your documents in storage.

  • Manage document destruction through a client agreed retention policy.​ 

  • Reduce the risk of retaining unneccesary and sensitive documents that would otherwise be subject to legal discovery.

  • Reduction in legal costs by reducing the number of archives that need to be searched​.

  • Easier search and recall of documentation.​

  • Improving and customizing data requirements.

  • Full document scanning service.​

  • Improving internal document retrieval through mobile technology.

Cloud Database

Our customised cloud database is tailored to your specific organisational and industry needs, including special reporting, tracking and file types.


Securely hosted with above industry standard backup and SSL encrypted access via web or company intranet accessible input and reporting.


Keep track of your physical records with easy discovery bar-codes and reporting, feature rich apps for Andriod and IOS.

Helping you find the right solutions

Corporate Cataloguing works with organisations to provide customised physical and digital archiving solutions. Is your current archive database searchable and up to date? Are you tracking the location of sequestered archives and updating them as they are re-committed? Can you identify boxes by barcode and check the contents online or on your mobile device?

How much is your organisation spending on legal discovery and scanning services?

3. Secure Document Sentencing

2. Web Based Search and Retrieve

1. Managed Archive Solutions

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