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Generally a company’s most important asset is its people. Secondly is its information.


Archived records can have a significant value to a business but can also mean high costs and there is a risk from a legal liability of keeping a document for too long and therefore enabling the document to be discovered in litigation. Similarly destroying a document too early is bad business practice as a company will not benefit from the record’s information and run the risk of a court imposing penalties for destroying important documents.


Cataloguing and sentencing will benefit your company by:


  • Ensuring that a client only retains necessary records thereby reducing storage costs.

  • The client will obtain a useful database identifying the records being retained.

  • If a client is faced with litigation, the process of identifying relevant records for that litigation case is efficient.

  • If a client requires discovery of documents then Corporate Cataloguing can perform this cataloguing exercise at significant cost benefit to the client than using external counsel.

  • Corporate Cataloguing is realistic that a document management system must be cost effective and can advise whether to store the records or scan into electronic form.

  • Corporate Cataloguing has a scanning department that is highly competitively priced.

  • Corporate Cataloguing employs high quality personnel with extensive records management experience, relevant qualifications and security clearance.

Records Management - Critical to business success!
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