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Empty your too hard basket!

Lets face it, Archiving and document management is not one of your companies core competencies. Your team are pushed for time to complete revenue critical projects and tasks and accurate archiving is time consuming and boring work. That's why we offer a complete management solution to categorize, code, enter and deliver your documents to archive. Freeing your important team to deal with their high priority tasks. We work in our initial consultations to understand the unique documentation your organisation produces and to categorize and design an effective identification system for your team to easily recall from the archive via web and mobile interfaces. In addition we work within your companies retention policy (if you have one) or develop a policy inline with your legal and compliance obligations to facilitate a cost effective review and sentencing plan.

Our Team

Corporate Cataloguing is based in Sydney Australia and services clients across the country as well as the UK, Middle East and Canada. Our team is made up of highly trained professionals with legal, accounting and business management qualifications that are skilled at document identification, data integrity and are security cleared. 

Your Complete Document Archiving Service

The importance or accurate and searchable archive databases cannot be underestimated in today's business compliance environment! Organisations that are able to accurately recall important documentation in a time critical environment whether for legal, transaction or compliance purposes will save thousands in discovery, storage and legal fees. Our end to end consultation will tailor your data entry, search and retrieval function and find the most cost efficient storage solution for your physical records.


About us
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